Kellie’s Consignments: A Local Success Story
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Women attempting to start a business will find hope in Kellie Johnson of Kellie’s Consignments’ story. When she first set out, Kellie wanted to start a business but knew that fashion inventory would be difficult to fund. Until one day she walked into a consignment shop and thought, “I’m going to sell other people’s stuff.” She loves fashion, she LOVES people, and the rest was history!
In 2006, Kellie opened her first store which was around 1800 sq ft. Her business has thrived over the years thanks to the awesome community in Okemos, Michigan, to the point where, three years ago, she was able to move into a 24,000 sq ft building!
“The community is such a driving force… you have to have the community behind you,” says Kellie.
Kellie’s Consignments is well-known for Sharing the Good around them. Hear more about how Kellie’s team shapes the heart of their store, and how Kellie connects with other business owners to “give, give give” in the video below!
Meet the team or contact the store today!
5000 Marsh Road
Okemos, Michigan
(517) 574-4523



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