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  • Consumers search online to find a local business or service (have you tried searching for what your business does online?) 96% 96%
  • Mobile searches result in an off-line purchase (how does your business show up on mobile devices when searching for what you do?) 78% 78%
  • Consumers say they check online reviews on Google before visiting a business (what is your review strategy?) 64% 64%
  • All searches are voice searches (have you tried voice searching your business on Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and others?) 64% 64%
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Tiffany Dewley
Tiffany Dewley
As a parent of two GB students and Director of the Miss Grand Blanc Scholarship pageant I can’t express enough how much I value the work that Cherish Grand Blanc has done through the years. I LOVE seeing them share all the local “feel good” stories whether it’s about the arts, sports, the schools, the students or local residents. My daughter is the GBHS Majorette and My son plays GBHS soccer and I’ve loved seeing the coverage that Cherish has done of not only these groups but so much more. I know that if I miss something in our community I can go to their page and find it. Seeing the stories always makes me proud of our town. I am forever grateful for their coverage of our community. Keep up the great work!!!
Marty has improved my business significantly. The results were immediate and obvious. He is very responsive and you can tell he really cares about his clients. I have personally recommended him to other family members. He provides a wide variety of services too including Web Design, Social Media Creation & Marketing, Call-Tracking, Content Creation, Photography, Video Creation & Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Google My Business Claiming & Management, Local SEO, Google Ads, Analytics, Reputation Management, and most importantly Lead Generation. If you are looking to grow your website or business, Cherish Local is the one to contact.
Mark Miller
Mark Miller
Cherish Local has been a phenomenal place for the community to come together to share and support on another. As a parent, our family has mourned and celebrated with our community neighbors and friends through the awareness and sharing of information from Cherish Local.
Taylor Phillips
Taylor Phillips
"I am married and have a family with 2 kids age 6 & 9 in Grand Blanc schools. Which is scary sometimes, our school system is huge!! My kids go to Cook/Mason elementary and I started them there knowing it was the best school in the county, but that I would maybe move them later because it’s so huge and that’s a bit scary as a parent. But I’ve learned how to make your community cozier through my Mom, and specifically through your Cherish GB posts. Watching things like that, getting to know the names and parents of GB makes it smaller. It makes it “homier” and it makes our community a village. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you’re building. And that there are many of us out here watching but not commenting all the time. ☺️ what you’re doing is important."
Beth Dumity
Beth Dumity
Cherish Local and Cherish Grand Blanc have been working with my marketing at R&B Used Books for a few months now. In that time I have seen my online presence expand and have seen my in store traffic increase exponentially. Rather than come in and change everything Marty and his team took the hard work I had already put in to my business and worked it to make it better. They found all of my loose threads and tied them together and filled in my knowledge gaps. I had always been concerned that working with a marketing team would take away from my autonomy and my voice as most marketers came at me and started the conversation by telling me all of the things I was doing wrong. Marty and Carly came in and told me all of the things I was already doing right. Wonderfully affirming. Than we sat down and came up with a plan to make it better. I don't feel as if I hired a marketing company. I feel as if I have a marketing partner.
Cherish Local
Cherish Local
With the addition of two all-stars to their team recently this company is serving many online marketing needs in multiple states.

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Cherish Local serves clients by doing many of the things they do not have time to do themselves. Running a business is time consuming in itself, and many owners simply do not have the time to utilize free resources like social media or Google My Business in order to effectively market their business. This is where we come in with our “do it for me” approach to online marketing. We strengthen businesses online presence through all the essential and relevant channels, while engaging the community with their brand and our powerful local presence.