Get on the Map.

Claiming your Google My Business page in 2021 is vital to your business’ success. For many of our customers, it makes all the difference in the world to their business because it reaches a relevant audience that is actively searching for a company that matches what your business in known for (but maybe not on Google yet). Google My Business Claiming, a service we provide for all our customers, allows you to add info, make edits to hours, add pictures, promote events and so much more! Because most business owners are uneasy with various tools like Google My Business we do all the heavy lifting for our customers. One of the reasons we are exclusive for most of our clients is because we do not like to compete with ourselves – your competitors are our competitors and we focus on getting our clients to the top of the most common and relevant Google searches.

How important is Google My Business? If you are a business owner we urge you to make a Google search in an incognito window. Don’t search your company name, pretend you are a prospective customer for what your business does and craft your google search as if you are a prospective customer. For example, if you are a Chiropractor you may search “Best Chiropractor near me”. With some searches you may see some listings with “ad” next to their name, that means they paid to be there. All the other listings earned that placement because they have a claimed and fortified Google My Business profile, they have a good amount of Google Reviews and Google’s Algorithm has shown this listing is providing the information people are looking for with that specific search.

The Google Map Pack or sometimes called the Google 3-pack is where you want your business to be! Below is our client, Cottage Inn of Grand Blanc. Before they started working with us, when anyone searched “pizza near me” they didn’t even show up here. Now, they’re number one! The constant work we put into our client’s Google My Business is like a snowball – it keeps building.



The examples below show the impact that having a Google presence can make. This customer came up in 78,000 searches, most of which were just through discovery!