High School Students – Making An Impact On The Lives Of Our Seniors

Part 1 of a 7-day series – Sharing the Positive Impact Grand Blanc High Schoolers are making thanks to the focus and direction of Social Studies teacher, Mr. Todd Babiasz. He oversees the class L.E.A.D. (Leadership Exploration And Development).

A note from Mr. Babiasz:


this past year has been the most incredible experience for my students and myself.  Something different happened this year. The difference was that my students made a real impact.  They dreamed, planned, and implemented a project that changed the lives of all of those who were involved.  Students not only covered content, had discussions, took tests, and completed homework, but they transformed people’s lives, including their own.  My students were no longer just in “school” or in “class”, instead they were finding their passions, gaining new skills, making things happen, tearing down the walls of their classroom and positively impacting the real world. My students did so many things for our community: they build relationships with elementary students who were in need of them, they let our elderly population know they are important, have dignity and are valued, they helped students be more confident with clean clothes so they can get to school more, they brought awareness of animals in need of a home, they helped make a school heart certified and safer for all, and finally, they provided a system for women to get necessary health products that otherwise they may not have. My students have inspired me to step back and get out of their way. When I do step back, they step forward and are changing the world!


Presentation #1 Seniors ^2 – Students Involved:

Emily Shumaker

Garrett Themm

Emmalee Farmer

Makena Welch

Hadley Puccio

Erin Fitzpatrick with Tech Support

Seniors^2 was a group of all seniors at GBHS that was inspired to work with local senior citizens. They teamed up with The Oaks of Woodfield in GB and it was a match made in heaven. Senior^2 Positive Impact Project gave those seniors love, attention, and activities that let those seniors know they are valued and they still have some of that same “high school spirit” that was in them years ago. Some of their activities included: a spirited karaoke session, a fun-filled fashion show with dress-up clothes, accessories, music and of course a red carpet runway, a session of “senior” pictures of their own with a professional camera, backdrop and multiple poses (they even included a framed picture from their photoshoot as a gift) and finally an all-out catered dinner, including dessert from Pizza Mia.





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