Sharing The Good, a labor of love from Cherish Local
Sharing The Good, Cherish Local Issue 1.12.19
Those who have worked with me in the past know I have always been in search of better ways to serve our clients and their customers. When we were asked to help The Grand Blanc Hockey Boosters in the fall of 2018 and volunteered to take on their Hockey Program it led us down our new path. I started my career in advertising working in a tucked-away basement office at The Oakland Press in Pontiac, Michigan. Our team was responsible for Homes For Sale publications in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties. This was a crash course in everything I would later need to know in my career. Needless to say, when we were in the middle of working on the Hockey Program I had flashbacks to my early years and with the help of a talented graphic artist in Wichita Kansas, Cesar Cantu, our team here put together an amazing publication in print and online. As soon as The Hockey Program was completed the puzzle began to form in my head. Now I won’t provide all of our strategies, but let’s just say in the last 6 weeks we have secured 1000’s of pieces of content that can be repurposed in MANY ways. This publication is only one of them, this blog is another. We also have grown our social channels well over the last 3 years. Combine that with all of our customers and partner’s web and social presence and we have a rather wide platform with the ability to target any community with a theme of encouragement and positivity. Although our publication primarily “currently”, covers Southeast Michigan, the content it holds can be from anywhere in the Country and redirected to their desired areas in many different ways. There has not been a day off in a few months but the best things are worth the work. Enjoy our most current issue and please root for and/or support a locally owned business who is providing better services then you will receive from the hedge fund owned companies. We also want to help writers across the United States be a part of something they used to love, so many have lost their jobs due to the failure of Wall Street owned Newspaper companies. We are here to create something better, create content in meaningful ways, provide the essential online marketing services local businesses need the most. All the big companies had their chance and failed our communities and our local businesses, it is time for something better, Come join us at



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About Cherish Local

Cherish Local is a Grand Blanc, Michigan based business dedicated to covering the positive events in this area while providing meaningful online marketing strategies to grow local businesses. Since 2016, Cherish Local has successfully assisted local companies in this area with their white-glove Google My Business, Social Media Creation & Management, Reputation & Review Services. If your business is not ranking well on Google, Cherish Local can help. They will assist you in dominating your competitors with customized, exclusive, digital marketing programs.



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